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Questions for Upgrade or Purchase

Q: I like "Classical I", how do I obtain the full length Deluxe Version?

A: You can upgrade through In-App Purchase within the Free Version, your free app will be activated into Deluxe Version after the upgrade. There is no separate app of the Deluxe Version on the AppStore.

Q: I have purchased the Deluxe Version for "Classical Music I" before, but it shows the free version now. How do I have the full version back without paying again?

A: If you have purchased the Deluxe upgrade before, just simply upgrade to Deluxe Version again for FREE with the same iTunes account you used before. iTunes has remembered your account, so you will NOT be charged again. Please enter your iTunes account/password, go through the upgrade and confirm the purchase. After you have confirmed the purchase, system will tell that you've made the purchase before so the Deluxe version will just be activated for FREE.

Q: I have upgraded/purchased the App on one Apple device, can I have it on another Apple device too?

A: Yes! Our Apps are compatible with all iPod Touch, iPhone, and iPad. Once you have upgraded/purchased the App, you can have it on another or more devices for FREE without paying again. Please use the same iTunes account to do the upgrade or purchase for FREE - (See answer to above question) iTunes has remembered your account, and you will NOT be charged again after you confirm the purchase.

Q: I am unable to upgrade to the Deluxe Version for "Classical Music I". What should I do?

A: 1) For error message "Your setting does not allow you to make a purchase" - please enable your device's In-App Purchase restriction by going to: General ➔ Restrictions ➔ Enable Restrictions ➔ Allow Content ➔ In-App Purchases.

2) For error message "Environment: sandbox is not test account" - your device might be a jail-broken device or have installed AppSync/Cydia. It is recommended to restore your device to normal in order to have its full functionalities - Please uninstall AppSync, delete "Classical I", then re-download "Classical I" from the iPhone App Store.

3) For error message "You must purchase the app that this item is for before you can purchase the item" - the version you have might not be the legal/standard one. All Apps should be downloaded from Apple AppStore, not anywhere else on the internet. Please delete your App and re-download it from the AppStore before trying to upgrade again.

4) For other errors, please contact us via the email at bottom with detailed description and/or screenshot of your error.

Q: For whatever reason I wish to request a refund, how should I proceed?

A: Refund can be requested from Apple's iTunes per standard procedure, please refer here.

Q: Can I upgrade "Classical Music I" on my computer and sync the Deluxe version to my mobile Apple devices?

A: No. In-App-Purchases for "Classical I" can be only made on mobile devices.

Q: How large are the Apps and how can I assure downloading your App will not be over my data limits? What do I do if it is slow when I try to download the Apps?

A: Both Classical 1 and Classic 2 are less than 200MB with advanced audio compression technologies. If you experience slow performance when downloading the app, or wish to save data usage, you can download the free version App "Classical Music I" on your computer first, sync the free version to your mob device, then upgrade to Deluxe on your mobile device. The In-App-Purchase upgrade takes a few seconds and would not download any data volume, but only to authorize your account to be entitled to the Deluxe version. The full length musics have already been downloaded in the free version.

Others Questions

Q: How many collections and volumes are there for "Classical Music: Master's Collection"?

A: There are two collections - "Classical Music I: Master's Collection Vol. 1" has 120 masterpieces, and "Classical Music II: Master's Collection Vol. 2" has 110 completely different masterpieces. "Classical I" Free Version plays part of all soundtrack (approximately 1/3 of the full length) to allow users to preview all music before upgrading to the Full (Deluxe) Version. Classical II is only available in the paid Full Version on the App Store.

Q: Will you add more music to both "Classical I" and "Classical II"?

A: Yes. We do add more pieces to these two collections in every update ("Classical I" has grown from 100 to 120 pieces in the most recent update). In order to keep the collections true "Greatest Classical Masterpiece of All Time", we don't add a lot but only the best few! All music in the collections have been professionally chosen from thousands of classical music pieces. If there are any particular pieces you would like to have, email us and we'll consider adding it if the music request is popular.

Q: I really love the music pieces in these Apps, can I download the MP3 into my iTunes Library?

A: No, the music cannot be loaded into your iTunes Library, and can only be heard through the App. The musics are not in MP3 format because we have used the latest audio compression technologies for quality purposes. There is also Apple's iTunes policy prohibiting us to distribute any music outside of the software. However, we assure users that once they own the Deluxe version, the music and the App will always be there for you to enjoy, as if they are in your music library.

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